Volunteering at Berks Christian School

At the heart of a Berks Christian School education are two things: a passion for guiding students toward a deeper relationship with Christ and a commitment to excellence in both academic and spiritual arenas. With this in mind, we encourage the families of BCS students to be committed to modeling Christlike service and a lifestyle of excellence. The volunteer opportunities at Berks Christian School are designed to integrate parents and grandparents into the work of BCS on a regular basis and to provide families with an opportunity to serve others.

We believe everyone is qualified to volunteer. You don't need to be a professional or have any special skills to serve at BCS. Opportunities to serve are available in many areas, to suit nearly any schedule, and to appeal to various interests. Use this page as a springboard to inspire ways you can volunteer. Perhaps you'll find something that exactly suits you. Or maybe you can think of a way to help out that's not even listed here. The point is, we are excited to have you involved in whatever ways you can be.


Our Library continues to grow in size and its use.  We need a few volunteers who would give an hour or two a month to our library to help restock books, put new books and materials into circulation and to keep the shelves organized.  We'll do the training if you have the interest.  Contact Phil Warner if you can lend a hand minding the books! pwarner@berkschristian.org.

Cultivate Mentor

Cultivate is our mentoring program at Berks Christian.  It is the backbone of our second pillar, mentoring and discipling. Staff, teachers, and parents that are interested in this project work through an intense mentoring study before meeting on-on-one with a student. Your student will meet with someone who has gone through this training and/or has gone through the cultivate project as a mentee.  To learn more at our Cultivate Page.

16-17 school year: Lunch Parents

The Lunch and Recess Parent serves a crucial role in the afternoon schedule of our elementary students. Usually two parents work as a team, and help over the lunch period. This includes serving the lunch that's been delivered. Following lunch, the elementary students have recess during which the Lunch and Recess Parents stay to help supervise the activity outside on the playground. Parents typically volunteer for one day a week, but you are welcome to volunteer for two or three!

During 4th quarter last year we moved to two elementary lunches:
K-2 Lunch 11:10-11:35
K-5 Recess 11:40-12:05
3-5 Lunch 12:10-12:30

We understand staying both lunches it is a large commitment so we are giving a couple different options.
1. 10:55am-12:40pm (Set-up, both lunches, recess, clean-up)
2. 10:55-12:05pm (Set-up, K-2 lunch, recess)
3. 11:35-12:40pm (Recess, 3-5 lunch, clean-up)

If you are interested, please contact Rebekah Klase by emailing rklase@berkschristian.org

Additional Opportunities

Contacting businesses you know for donations, discounted items, or other support

We find that parents often have rich resources to offer in terms of finding ways for BCS to raise money. Maybe you know someone who owns a business and can donate an item or a gift card to the Homecoming Auction or other fundraiser. Maybe you can talk to managers at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant about donating food, or offering a discount on food, for a BCS special event or for sporting event concession stands. Lots of stores and restaurants also offer fund-raising opportunities in which shoppers on a particular day present a coupon to allocate a percentage of their purchase bill to BCS.

Homecoming and Serve-a-Thon

Homecoming in October is a whole day full of volunteering opportunities. We recruit parent volunteers to help with the silent auction, the food sales, the kids' activities, and the alumni dinner. Our spring fundraiser, Serve-a-Thon, is a great way for you to get involved! Volunteer on the committee and help with databasing donations, advertising the event, and coordinating extra helpers. Or step in on the day of the event and volunteer to drive a student group to a serving location, chaperone a group of students, or take pictures of the student volunteers at work.

Class B Bus Drivers

Berks Christian School transportation is provided by drivers on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in becoming one of the BCS bus drivers, BCS will cover the cost of your training. You will then need to pass a test, which you'll take in the BCS School Bus.

Athletic Support Team

Individuals with experience in athletics are always needed for sporting events. Consider signing up for just one season (volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, or track) to sell tickets, run lines, call lines, man the scoreboard, or assist in other ways.