Student Life @ BCS

Student Council

Each secondary class (grades 6 – 12) will elect one student to the Student Council each year. The Class Chaplains will also sit on the Student Council. The elected member from the 12th grade class will serve as President with the primary role of setting direction and delegating work. The primary work of the Student Council will be to plan events and coordinate student initiatives.

Class Chaplaincy

A Class Chaplain will be selected by the faculty for each grade from 7 through 12. Interested students must submit an essay of interest to the Administrator by the end of the school year to be considered for the following year. This student will act as a primary spiritual leader for the class. Chaplains will participate in Student Council, the chapel planning team, and other similar tasks.

World Concerns Conference

The message of this high school leadership event is simple: brokenness exists in the United States because of sin, but there is hope for redemption found in the message of the Gospel and the person of Jesus Christ. The gospel compels us to respond to the pain and suffering around us. Christian high school students all over the east coast are invited to spend a weekend to discuss poverty and social injustices occurring all over the world. Students are encouraged to implement what they learned at the conference into daily life at BCS. Students leave the conference changed, with a stronger love and desire to help those around them.

Spelling Bee

Every year, Berks participates in the Scripps Spelling Bee. In February, students in grades six through eight take part in the Independent School Spelling Bee. The Independent Bee is held either at Berks Christian or High Point on a rotating schedule. The winner and the runner-up from this bee then move on to the Berks County Spelling Bee held in March at Reading Area Community College. The Independent Spelling Bee is a unique opportunity for our students to expand their knowledge of language while competing for a goal at the national level.


Each Spring our student body participates in Serve-a-Thon, a one-day program that gives students in every grade the chance to serve in the local community. Some classes visit nursing homes, others help at Christian camps, and others serve in inner-city soup kitchens. Each grade serves as a team, traveling to their serving location together and spending the day in service together. BCS students learn to be Christ's hands and feet in our community by participating in Serve-a-Thon.

Junior-Senior Banquet

The Junior-Senior Banquet is planned by the Junior class for the Senior class and is a special time for upperclassmen to appreciate each others company outside of the school environment. The event is hosted at a local venue where students dine on fine cuisine, enjoy entertainment, and have fun with a formal photo shoot.

The Christmas Banquet, more casual than the Junior-Senior, is enjoyed by all high school students. Hosted either at the school or at an outside venue and organized by the Student Council, the Christmas Banquet provides a wintertime opportunity for high schooler's to dress up and share an evening out together.

Christian Service

Students in grades 9 - 12 must complete 30 Christian Service Hours per school year as part of their graduation requirements. We want to encourage BCS students to find avenues for service during their high school years to help them develop their spiritual gifts for ministry and to apply what they have learned in the classroom to serve the world around them. Hours must be logged in three categories: local church, school, and community.

Spiritual Life Retreat

Each fall, two Spiritual Life Retreats kick off the school year. The middle school retreat is a one-day event which encourages the students in spiritual growth for the upcoming year. The high school retreat, an overnight event at a local camp, provides an opportunity for high school students to prepare their hearts for what God has planned for their year. Guest speakers are invited to challenge the students from the Word of God.