Pillar 3:
Serving and Giving

I have realized the full impact that a solid Christian education has had on my son’s spiritual growth and world view. I can tell you that I felt the peace that passes all understanding when I filled out the re-enrollment form for my son and wrote the check. I am now so excited for my son’s next year at BCS.
— Mother of a BCS student, 2015

The Compassion Project

Berks Christian School uses multiple strategies to instruct and guide our students to be knowledgeable and participate in mission work around the world.  The Compassion Project is a simple, tangible way all of our students participate in learning about stewardship, money, and missions. By reaching beyond our own needs to help others, we see God not only use us to care for others, but also bring about change in our own lives.

Compassion International is an organization that supports children around the world in Jesus’ name through individual sponsors. Compassion started in 1952 by providing food and shelter to orphans during the Korean War. Now this ministry supports over 1.2 million children in 26 countries. By partnering with Compassion International, Berks Christian School supports four children. Funds are raised by the students participating in a dress down day once a month. Chapels and other programs throughout the year instruct our students on the importance of expanding their worldview and partnering with God's redemptive work around the globe.

Worship Team       

During chapel, students hear from speakers that include the BCS staff, pastors, and other invited guests. Berks Christian School centralizes chapel around a time of worship. The student-led worship team guides their peers in a time of singing, reflection, and response to God's grace.

Student leaders help to plan and organize practices that best fit the schedule of the group. Anyone with musical talents and a heart to lead can sign up and be involved with the group. Being on the worship team is a commitment and privilege. As a leader, students involved with this group are held to a higher standard than the rest of the school body. By taking on a leadership role and being given different responsibilities, students will grow spiritually in community with the others in the group. 
Students will also be able to serve on the team by being involved with the "behind the scenes" production element of worship. An organized production team works with the worship team to produce high quality sound and a display of lyrics on the screen for the students to follow. The students on the production team help to create an environment of worship that is structured, giving their peers the freedom to worship.

This team also is given the opportunity to lead worship every year at the Spiritual Life Retreat during the fall. One of the biggest highlights of the year is when the team takes a weekend of focused study and practice time. Through this team, staff and faculty invest in the students and foster leadership skills.