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12th Annual Lending Hands, Lifting Hearts Serve-a-Thon

Dear [recipient name],

Berks Christian is discipling students through education. Will you join us?

Berks Christian School provides Christian education to students in Berks County, including many from Reading, one of the poorest cities in the nation. By giving students a foundational education that roots all teaching in the Bible, BCS is doing important kingdom work and I am blessed to be a part of it.

Our school, like all non-profit organizations, can not rely on fees alone. We count on financial resources from the community to make up a large portion of our budget each year. Some donations come from large companies, but the majority of our financial resources are from giving partners in our extended community. By joining us as a giving partner, you invest in the discipleship of the students I work with every day.

Each year, Berks Christian School holds our annual Serve-a-Thon. All BCS students, from preschool through twelfth grade, along with all the faculty and many parent volunteers, will spend Serve-a-Thon Day this spring out in the local community, serving those in need.

In preparation for this event, each student invites their friends and relatives to become a sponsor of the event. As faculty members, we also participate in this event and I am asking you to consider partnering with Berks Christian this year by making a financial investment in our school. This year, our goal for Serve-a-Thon gifts is $50,000. Will you help us reach that goal in this, the tenth anniversary year of our Serve-a-Thon?

Please pray and consider if God could be calling you to invest in the work I am doing by becoming a giving partner of Berks Christian School this year. I am blessed to watch the return on that investment unfold every day in our classrooms.

Thank you very much,
[sender's name]

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