2019 Serve-a-Thon
May 7, 2019

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Dear Friends and Family,

This spring my class and I will be serving others in our local community while raising funds for my school, Berks Christian School. One of the main ways we equip students to thrive is to apply learning through service. The Serve-a-Thon is the pinnacle service event that typifies our program all year long. I’ll
be joining the whole BCS community—students, parents, teachers, faculty, staff, and friends—in this important cause. Our theme verse this year, Ephesians 2:10, reminds us that we are created to do good works prepared for us by God. 

This spring’s Serve-a-Thon provides a beautiful context for
living out this calling. BCS knows that through serving, the hearts of our students are transformed as they work to transform their community. We’ve worked with local partners like Habitat for Humanity, Hope Rescue Mission, Reading City Schools, and retirement homes. This event also enables Berks Christian School to extend that transformation to hundreds of children and their families throughout the community by providing need-based
financial aid and funding strategic growth initiatives. Our goal is to raise $50,000 for our school through partners like you as we show Christ’s love to others.

Would you be willing to sponsor me in this year’s Serve-a-Thon?
Your contribution, on my behalf, is a true investment in children’s lives. ANY amount will be greatly appreciated and is tax deductible. Thank you for your consideration and

Thank you very much!



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Student Sponsorship

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About the Serve-A-Thon

Every school does fund raisers. But BCS does it a little differently. Instead of selling products or asking for sponsorships for class competitions, BCS families request that their friends and family members sponsor the children in a day of service. Serve-a-Thon donations supplement tuition costs of those students who attend BCS on scholarship. While students spend the day serving others, they can reflect on the way BCS serves them and the way the Serve-a-Thon donors are serving the school through their financial gifts.

On Serve-a-Thon day itself, students spread out across the county serving in all kinds of venues. Some visit nursing homes to interact with older adults, minister to them with songs, and perform skits to encourage them. Other students help at soup kitchens and shelters in the local community, providing practical service by serving meals and caring for those in need. Other serving opportunities include Habitat for Humanity sites, campgrounds, schools, parks, and crisis centers. Many of these locations are outside of the comfort-zone of some students, and they are stretched to serve others in unfamiliar situations.