Berks Christian School Profile

Celebrating at our 40 year anniversary, May 2016

Celebrating at our 40 year anniversary, May 2016

Berks Christian School celebrated 40 years of ministry in 2016.

18-19 Enrollment
185 total students
25 in preschool
70 in elementary school (grades K-5)
34 in middle school (grades 6-8)
56 in high school (grades 9-12)


  • Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) - accreditation and member
  • Mid-Atlantic Christian School Association (MACSA) - member
  • Middle-States - accreditation

Academic Program

The core of our academic program is the liberal arts cannon: focusing on mathematics, science, language arts, and the humanities.  Through varied classroom experiences, we aim to build students' knowledge and skills, helping them to build a solid understanding of truth and create connections between the disciplines.  All students take Bible as an academic subject.

Health, physical education, music, and art are offered on a rotation basis in middle school. Elective courses that meet once or twice a week for nine weeks are offered to all middle school and high school students. Computer technology instruction begins in Kindergarten and is available throughout middle school and high school. Honors programs in English (American Literature and English Literature) and social studies (World History and Civics/Economics) are offered for juniors and seniors in addition to numerous dual credit courses open to all high school students.. (learn more)

Special Curriculum Features

High School Spiritual Life Retreat

High School Spiritual Life Retreat

Educational Support: BCS offers learning support services for students who need learning support. Our special education teacher works one on one with students to help with test prep, remedial instruction, and other individualized learning plans. (learn more)

Spiritual Development: Students have the opportunity to engage in deeper spiritual growth on retreats throughout the year. Both middle school and high school students have a Spiritual Life Retreat during the fall, and the Worship Team also takes a short trip to enjoy time retreating from life's routines in order to focus on serving the Lord.

Community Service Program: Students are required to complete 30 hours of community service during each of their high school years. Community service hours must include service at school, at a local church, and in the community at large. Students gain experience in taking initiative to serve others by working toward their yearly goal. (learn more)

Chaplain Program: BCS high school classes each have a class chaplain. This classmate acts as a primary spiritual leader for the class. Chaplains participate in Student Council, the chapel planning team, and other similar tasks.

Cultivate: BCS faculty members have the option to complete the Cultivate mentorship course which prepares them to mentor students one-on-one, guiding them towards mature decisions and creating a healthy mentoring relationship. (learn more)

Online Learning: For students interested in taking a course that's not currently offered, online classes are available to be taken during the school day.

Athletics Program

BCS is a member of the Commonwealth Christian Athletic Conference (CCAC), and Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), which provides the framework for our sports competition.

  • Middle School boys: soccer and track.
  • Middle School girls: volleyball, basketball, and track.
  • High School men: soccer, basketball, track, and baseball.
  • High School women: volleyball, basketball, and track.

learn more about our athletic program

Fine Arts

Berks Christian School offers students various avenues in which to participate in the fine arts. Art classes provide a background of art history and teach art concepts to high school students. Drama is offered as an extra-curricular activity and students can participate by acting, working on stage crew, or running lights and sound. High School Choir is open to all high school students interested in singing, while Vocal Ensemble provides an audition-only setting in which particularly gifted singers can hone their skills. Various instrumental music options round out our robust fine arts program.

learn more about our fine arts program

About our school seal

Symbolism and Elements
The seal supports and reflects the new mission statement: “Berks Christian School partners with families to create a community of learning that educates the whole student and cultivates Christ centered lives.”

At the center of the seal is a torch. In academic circles, when a torch is depicted it is known as “the torch of learning.” As a School and also a Christian establishment, this symbolizes the light of the world and the beacon to those who are lost: Jesus Christ. This is why the torch is at the center of the seal. At the core of BCS is Christ centered teaching and attention to educating the whole student in mind, body, and spirit. Atop the torch is a burning flame that emanates light on all sides. This illustrates how the school is not purely insular, but affects and branches out into the community around it. These light beams are a symbol of life and spirituality that cannot be extinguished. Berks Christian School has a unique student body of 50% urban, 50% suburban children.

In order to represent this dynamic, the torch has been abstracted to the form of a tall building with two lit windows.

This brings us to the circular nature of the seal. A circle was chosen because of its symbolism. A circle is used to illustrate a complete cycle. Historically, when a circle is used in a seal, it is referencing the cycle of farming. It very simply shows that a farmer must first put nutrients the soil, then plow and seed before the ground can return the favor by cultivating a healthy harvest. A circle also symbolizes a community effort. It shows that the distinct community of learning at Berks Christian School is due to its partnership with families, the surrounding community, and also its partnership with Christ and the christian faith.

The open book at the base of the torch shows that the school is made up of active scholars, both teachers and students alike. The education that takes place at BCS is ongoing both academically and as students of the Christian faith. This open book also symbolizes the open Word of God, from which standards and guidance originate.

Colors: BCS Maroon & BCS Gold
The colors of the school, gold and maroon are significant as well. Gold represents the richness of heaven, wisdom, consistency of faith and scripture. Maroon shows courage, patience, and ultimately victory. It also represents the shed blood of Christ which covers our sins.

Font Family: Trajan Pro
Trajan Pro is a strong font. It is a font that directly references a time when words were hand carved into marble. This trade could only be completed by highly skilled and patient artisans. The slight serif gives it a traditional and academic feel, and yet the lean curves allow it to be modern as well. It is a font that honors history and lives in the present. A font that has a love for rich traditions and looks on to a reformed and modern future.