Pillar 2:
Mentoring and Discipleship

Our students grow in maturity because they are given more than facts - they are given a team of teacher-mentors invested in guiding them through more than just their education. Our staff desires growth and life transformation in our students, believing that faith-based education is a lifelong journey lived in community. In and outside the classroom, our students encounter an atmosphere of discussion and encouragement to seek truth.

BCS teachers teach, pray, hugs, loves, and shows grace to my children everyday.
— Heather, BCS parent


Our teachers and staff are specifically trained in methods to bring mentoring into the Christian School program.  Students can take advantage of one on one mentoring relationships through our Cultivate program.

For more information on our Cultivate program, click here.

ROAR Groups

Our secondary students meet weekly with a staff member and a group of their peers for small group discussion and activities. Often connected with our chapel services or special events, these gatherings provide opportunity to unpack ideas, lessons, and questions.

Flex Period

Frequent mentorship opportunities can be found as part of our quarterly flex period that ends our school day. Our students will find opportunities to join Bible studies, prayer groups, or meet with friends and staff who share their common interests.

Student Activities

Our students' desire for meaningful conversations and examples can also be found as an integrated part of our sports, fine arts, and school leadership programs. Our coaches, directors, and organizers seek to foster opportunities and examples for personal growth among our students.

the Cultivate Program @ Berks Christian

Berks Christian School partners with families to train and mentors students to be effective followers of Jesus and leaders. We believe that faith is a lifelong journey lived in community. Teachers and staff desire growth and life transformation in their students. This life-changing process requires time and work. We hope to walk beside your student as he/she grow and matures. A mentorship at Berks Christian School cultivates a strong and transformational life through the grace of God and a one-on-one relationship between a student and staff member. The Cultivate Project has opened the door at Berks to provide an in depth, professional mentorship training and a comprehensive structure for our program.

If you have further questions please contact the school or visit www.thecultivateproject.org.

Get Involved with Cultivate

In the beginning of every school year, each family receives a packet of take home information. In this packet, there is a form for those to fill out to notify the school of your interest. Once this information is reviewed, your student will be paired with a mentor. Men will mentor male students and women will mentor female students.

Staff, teachers, and parents that are interested in this project work through an intense mentoring study before meeting on-on-one with a student. Your student will meet with someone who has gone through this training and/or has gone through the cultivate project as a mentee.

Meeting Occurrence
In the first steps of this relationship, your student will meet with his/her mentor once a week during a study hall. Depending on the relationship and the situation of the student and mentor meetings may occur more or less frequently.

One on One Meetings

During one-on-one or life-on-life meetings the mentor and your student will get to know each other on a more personal level. A mentor will look not to push or pull a student to a place where they do not want to be, but through conversation and action lead them to a transformed life grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal of this program is to cultivate leaders that will one day take what they have learned and mentor some else. This process will take time. With parents permission, the mentor may be interested in taking the student off campus for further growth and learning.

Parent Involvement
We live in a country where at least a quarter of young adults are at-risk, and at least one-third live in a home where there is no biological father present. As a parent it is important that you are involved with your students progress. Constantly be asking your student how the one-on-one meeting are going. You will be receiving weekly emails of notes and thoughts written by the mentor. We believe that good, clear communication is of utmost importance. Depending on who the mentor is and what their schedule consists of, parents will be able to talk, meet, and get to know the mentor on a personal level. The goal of the mentor is not to step in and play the parent role in the life of the student, but walk beside the student and promote family unity.

Mentoring Moments - stories from our Teachers

"When I think about someone who has had an influence on my life, a couple of people come to mind.  One of the areas in life that I feel like all of us need some help with is the area of relationships, especially guy/girl relationships.  For me, it wasn't until college that I liked a guy and came to discover that he actually liked me back. Before I realized that he liked me, I remember feeling very confused and having a long talk with my campus minister's wife, Lynn, about it.  She encouraged me and helped give me a godly perspective on how to handle my feelings, and God definitely used her to help me trust Him with this area of my life.  As time went on and I started dating this young man, I was meeting regularly with another mentor whose name was Liz.  Knowing that she was praying for me and wanted to help me grow spiritually was such a big encouragement to me.  She also often pointed me to great books to read that helped me learn more about how to have a godly perspective on dating and even just being a Christian woman.  These two women had a great influence on my life, and I thank God for the ways He used them to help me grow.  I also thank God that this young man who I liked, who liked me back, is now my husband!  :)"

"My college advisor, Mr. Woolsey, amazed me the first time I met him. He was a new professor and I was starting my sophomore year. I walked into his office and he had one full wall of bookshelves filled with children's books. I was in heaven since I was studying Elementary Education. His desk was in a way that if someone came in the room he would turn and talk to you without the desk in the way. Over the next 3 years his classes were my favorite, and he helped me struggle through picking my classes. Although I never knew him on a personal level, Mr. Woolsey made me feel like I wasn't alone in wanting to be an amazing teacher, and that you could be cool, fun, wacky, and professional all at the same time."