BCS Elementary School

The Berks Christian School Elementary Program emphasizes the importance of blending academic skills with knowledge about the Lord Jesus Christ. The elementary faculty is made up of teachers who love their students, encourage strong friendships in the classroom, instruct on an age-appropriate level, and guide classes toward advancement to the next grade level by building maturity and academic skills.

His teacher not only taught the children, but also loved and prayed for each one. I am so grateful for the amazing year we had! I will definitely be bringing my other child here next year.
— Mother of a BCS student


Students in kindergarten at Berks Christian School learn a phonetic approach for reading. By the end of the year, students are reading fluently and increasing their speed. Students learn to recognize and write numbers, addition to the sums of 10, telling time, counting money, patterns, and the concept of subtraction. Students learn that God is the Creator of all things, and He has a plan for all of His creation. Memorizing Bible verses helps solidify the truths learned in class. Other kindergarten lessons include weather, seasons, plants, animals, the seashore, communities and community helpers, our country, and children of the world.

First Grade

In first grade, students work hard and enjoy many celebrations that add the sparkle and fun every child needs as they learn and grow. With a phonics-based approach to reading, students expand their knowledge of letters and sounds to improve reading ability. Phonics, spelling, and handwriting are also taught.
First graders learn a traditional approach to math, investigate science through hands-on observations and activities, explore the past by studying the basics of American history, and begin to understand cultures through an imaginary trip around the world. Bible class revolves around the theme that God has given His children gifts—the gift of a place to live, the gift of family, the gift of leaders, the gift of His Word, and the ultimate Gift of His Son, Jesus. Bible memory passages reinforce the lessons learned in class.

Second Grade

Berks Christian School's second grade classroom is friendly, fun, and safe environment, where students develop as individuals while learning teamwork and the value of friendships. This is a year of building confidence and enthusiasm in reading as students develop reading skills and learn to construct sentences, stories, poems, book reports, and letters. Spelling, vocabulary, simple fractions, basic multiplication and division, plants, the human body, American heroes, and the Earth are also introduced, among other topics. Bible Stories about the lives of exciting Bible heroes teach us 36 Godly character traits.

Third Grade

Third grade is an exciting year of transformation. Students make a shift from learning fundamental skills to becoming independent learners and thinkers. The concept of reading to learn independently is mastered in third grade. Dissecting stories, learning types of stories, and writing book reports help improve reading and writing skills. Third graders also become proficient with multiplication tables, 0-12, and start to learn about more complicated multiplication and division. In science, students enjoy experiments and hands-on activities on such topics as mammals, reptiles and amphibians, habitats, matter and mass, and the solar system. In history, students learn about the lives of famous Americans while also tackling basic map skills and studying more specific topics such as the Underground Railroad. The Bible curriculum takes students on a journey through the life of Jesus, from birth to ascension. Third graders learn character traits with Jesus’ life as a model and learn weekly and bi-weekly Bible verses with daily review during class.

Fourth Grade

BCS fourth graders are beginning to mature into independent and self-motivated students. They enjoy recess, field trips, and friendships. In language arts, students build on their knowledge of the eight parts of speech by learning the writing process and applying it to various types of writing assignments. In math, concepts requiring higher levels of problem solving such as decimals, long division, fractions, mixed numbers, graphs, measurements, and averages are added to students' repertoire of knowledge. In science, research skills are sharpened through a focus on hypothesizing, predicting, measuring, experimenting, making models, classifying, and identifying and controlling variables. Fourth graders delve into Pennsylvania history while also learning a little about all the other states in the nation. In Bible class, students are introduced to the attributes of God and the fundamentals of faith. Scripture memorization is also important to the curriculum.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders at Berks Christian School focus on two main goals throughout the year: encouraging and building each other up as shown in Ephesians 4:29-32, and doing things right the first time by giving attention to detail. The language arts curriculum offers fun and consistent ways to delve deeper into grammar and writing to prepare students for middle school. Persuasive essays, book reviews, poetry, and biographical reports are opportunities to practice this. Critical thinking is taken to the next step in math class with a hands-on approach that includes topics of place value of whole numbers and decimals, multiplication and division of decimals, number theories, fractions, ratios, proportions, percents, metric and customary (English)

measurements, area, perimeter, volume, statistics, graphing, and probabilities. Science topics include geology, biomes, ecosystems, sound and light. One highlight of 5th grade, in association with the Penn State extension program, is the hands-on approach to learning about embryology. The classroom houses an incubator where baby chicks hatch while students learn about the chicks' formation inside the egg. They then have the opportunity to adopt some of them for a personal farming experience. In history class, students expand their understanding of the world with studies in ancient civilizations and continents, enjoying such activities as the weekly History Skits. In Bible, lessons focus on God's revelation of Himself. Students learn about Old Testament covenants, leaders in the Old Testament, and the Sovereignty of God. In conjunction with the curriculum, students memorize Bible passages and spend time daily in personal devotions.

Related Arts & Co-curricular Activities

BCS Elementary students enjoy related arts and co-curricular each week. Art, Music, Computer, Library, and Physical Education enrich their academic curriculum by introducing students to subjects outside of the classroom.