Educational Support Department

We specialize in helping students who are struggling academically. Our goal is to assist students in becoming independent learners. Contact Ms. Lily Winzer, Educational Support Teacher, at 610-582-1000 (ext 109) to learn more.

I’m glad that there is an importance put on teaching our students HOW to learn, not just whether or not they are getting good grades.
— Parent of a student in our learning support program

For New Students

Students who have educational support needs will submit the most recent IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or other psychological evaluation during the application process. The Educational Support Team will make a decision on enrollment based on paperwork provided and additional evaluation.

For Current Students

If you feel that your student requires educational support, you may request an Educational Support Team Meeting by contacting the school office. Both teachers and parents will be asked for their input after a classroom observation takes place.

A teacher may complete a Teacher Referral Form regarding students who aren't succeeding in the classroom or who are bored because the work is too easy. The Educational Support Team (EST), which meets monthly, will discuss and decide if the student needs a full evaluation by the school psychologist.

If the psychologist agrees that more support is needed, then the parents and teachers will be invited to an Educational Support Plan Meeting to decide what level of support the child needs. The plan will be implemented and monitored by the Educational Support Teacher and the student's classroom teacher(s).

Support Offered

There are three levels of support offered to both new and current students:

  1. Support
    Examples include room arrangement, staff collaboration, peer tutor, and use of electronic translator.
  2. Accommodations
    Examples include extended time on tests, flashcards for key words, breakdown of assignments, reduced assignments, and review sheet for testing.
  3. Modification
    Examples include modified tests, modified curriculum, modified grading, and focused review sheets.