BCS Beat: Issue 9.31


Upcoming Events

April 18 - 20: Terra Nova Standardized Testing (students need to bring pencils & calculators)
April 20: Compassion Dress Down day (bring $2) and 1/2 day dismissal
April 26: Spring Recital
May 8: Serve-A-Thon
May 10: Preschool Open House, 6:00 pm until 8 pm
May 15 & 18: Spring Concerts
June 8: Snow Make-Up Day, Last day of school!



Spring Preschool Open House Dates


Please share with your friends and neighbors about our BCS Preschool! Our best preschool referrals are from word-of-mouth, so we rely on you (whether or not you have a preschool-aged student) to help us promote the BCS Preschool.

May 10th, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Permission slips for both trips are due, please send them in to the school office by tomorrow.


We will be doing our final polo and spiritwear order for this school year next week. Order forms went home before Easter break and is attached to this week's beat email. All orders must be in by Friday, April 13th.


We will be doing our annual standardized testing on April 18-20 with 1st-11th grade. The TerraNova 3 Testing is done with Association of Christian Schools International and CTB/McGraw-Hill. TerraNova is a series of standardized achievement tests used in the United States designed to assess student achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary, and spelling. We would ask that you do not schedule appointments that would cause your student to miss school during the three testing days.



Athletic Schedule

All game and practice schedules are available on the CCAC website. It is always kept up-to-date, so please use it as your guide to our official sports schedule.

Monday, April 16
Track practice, 3:00 - 4:30

Tuesday, April 17
Track practice, 3:00 - 4:30
VARSITY Track Meet at Hamburg Area HS, 3:45 pm

Wednesday, April 18
MIDDLE SCHOOL Track Meet at Tulpehocken Junior/Senior HS, 3:30 pm

Thursday, April 19
Track practice, 3:00 - 4:30

Friday, April 20
Track practice, 3:00 - 4:30

Saturday, April 21
VARSITY Track Meet at Wilson HS, 8:00 am



Re-Enrollment: Enroll by April 30 to Avoid highest Fee


Feel free to call the office if you have questions about re-enrollment.


Serve-a-Thon: Reminders for this week

Please turn in your child’s GREEN permission slip for Serve-A-Thon as soon as possible (you can put all of your children’s names on one slip.) Contact the office if you need a copy.

Serveathon update 4-11.jpg

Thank you to everyone who has sent letters so far.  We've got a good start, but have a long way to go.  Our goal is 100% participation by all of our families.  Take time to send in your letters this week.

You may continue to turn in letters toward your family total up until May 1st. The 1st place prize is $300, 2nd is $200, and 3rd is $100. Currently, the family in 1st place has sent 328 letters, followed by 2nd place at 247 letters, and 3rd at 60 letters.

Don’t forget you can also send emails to friends and family to count towards your family’s total (after your 1st 30 letters). Here’s how:

Step 1:
Go to berkschristian.org/serveathonsponsor
Step 2:
Copy the text of the letter into your email body.
Step 3:
Replace [recipient name] and [sender name] with actual names. Add the email address and subject line.
Step 4:
Put serveathon@berkschristian.org in the “bcc” line (this will log the letter to count for your family’s total)

Don't forget: if you would like to take advantage of the Spanish version of our sponsorship letters this year, or if you need more English letters, please contact Mrs Bromwell or the school office.




I am a full-time speaker and author and am looking for a responsible Personal Assistant to provide personalized secretarial support in a well-organized and timely manner. You will work primarily on your own on monthly, weekly, and one-time tasks.

Work is primarily computer, emailing, stuffing envelopes, and social media related, except for drop-offs and pick-ups from airport. Looking for someone for variable 7-9 a week, about 40 hours a month. Located in Douglassville, PA. For information about me check out: GraceFabian.com.

Submit the following information to: Grace Fabian PO Box 446 Douglassville, PA 19518.
Call me at 610.385.1505 if you have questions.

  • Resume
  • Christian testimony including any missions work
  • 3 References: Personal, Professional and Pastor/Church Leader


It's possible you have seen this, but I wanted to make sure you saw this before the first video is released. I just watched it and I know you won't be disappointed!

Parenting is hard and there are so many urgent issues, it's impossible to keep up...
... to be successful, effective parents/leaders, we have to learn a system and framework for connecting with teens.

This is what the No Regrets Teen Connection Toolkit is all about!

Sign Up Today!

The first video will be released on Thursday. Jump in now and don't miss a moment of this 3 part video series! And please share this with other parents or leaders. This video series will teach you to foster a better connection by:

Giving you a practical framework to think about the culture your teens inhabit

  • Teaching you the 4 keys to connect with your teens
  • Helping you see where you are today and where you want to go in the future with our Teen Connection Map
  • Showing you our powerful 3 step process for teen conversations


    Can You Help? Open Your Home, Short-Term or Long-Term


    We would love for you to prayerfully consider whether or not you could help in one of these ways (or might know someone who could).

    1) We are looking for host families who might be interested in hosting a student for the 18/19 school year as we prepare for next year. Host families are given a monthly stipend to cover general costs of housing a student. The main requirements for hosting are being a Christian family, providing a bedroom with bed/desk/closet/dresser, and making sure the student gets 3 meals a day. During this time of year, applications for next school year are beginning to come in, so although we do not yet know the final count of homes that are needed, we're trying to be proactive in lining up the needed host families ahead of time!

    2) From time to time it is helpful to have families willing to serve as "back-up" host families (for example if a host family has a multi-day trip planned or an emergency takes place within the family). We are working on compiling a list of families interested in serving in this way.

    If you have any questions about hosting or would like more information, please contact Carrie Warner at cwarner@berkschristian.org. Please pass this info along to anyone else you know who might be able to serve in any of these ways. Thanks so much for your consideration.



    Moms in Prayer Opportunity


    Are you a mom, a grandmom, or a spiritual mom of a BCS student? Do you have a desire to meet together with other women to pray for our students and our school? If so, you are invited to come be part of Moms in Prayer International. Held at the home of one of our very own BCS moms (806 W. 8th St., Birdsboro PA). Mark your calendars and feel free to come join together in prayer:

    Saturday May 5, 10-11 am

    For more information or if you have questions, contact Carrie Warner cwarner@berkschristian.org. Also check out www.momsinprayer.org to find out more about Moms in Prayer International.

    For Prayer This Week...


    This week, pray for strengthen enrollment and giving. Specifically, pray the following:


    • Pray for wisdom for our seniors as they make decisions for after graduation.
    • Pray for unity through Christ to grow in the class.
    • Pray for our seniors to leave a legacy of faith at BCS for the underclassmen.

    Around Campus


    Tutoring is available on the following days and times if any student needs it.
    Parents can contact Mr. Warner for details.

    Middle School   Monday 3 - 4
    High School      Thursday 3 - 4


      BCS Beat Book Blurb


      A Remainder of One  by Elinor J. Pinczes

      When twenty-five ants march two by two there is going to be one trailing behind. It might as well be Joe. When twenty-five ants march three by three with eight in each line, there will still be one tagging along. That one will still be Joe. There must be a solution to include the odd one out, but there are only so many ways twenty-five can be divided without having a remainder of one.


      Menu for the week


      Friday, April 13
      Elementary: Turkey w gravy and roll, Mashed potatoes, Glazed carrots, Applesauce
      HS Hot: Cheese ravioli w bread-stick, Steamed broccoli, Salad greens w dressing, Pears
      HS Cold: Grilled cheese panini, Steamed broccoli, Salad greens w dressing, Pears
      HS Pizza: NY pepperoni pizza, Steamed broccoli, Salad greens w dressing, Pears

      Monday, April 16
      Elementary: Meatball sub, Fresh broccoli w dip, Diced pears
      HS Hot: French toast stix w ham slice, Hash browns, Donut holes, Pineapple
      HS Cold: Chicken and waffles, Hash browns, Donut holes, Pineapple
      HS Pizza: Four cheese pizza, Hash browns, Donut holes, Pineapple

      Tuesday, April 17
      Elementary: Pizza, Asparagus tips, Jicama fries w dip, Pineapple
      HS Hot: Hot dog w chili and cheese, Waffle fries, Baked beans, Fruit crisp
      HS Cold: Chicken wings and roll, Waffle fries, Baked beans, Fruit crisp
      HS Pizza: French bread pizza,Waffle fries, Baked beans, Fruit crisp

      Wednesday, April 18
      Elementary: Shepherd’s pie w roll, Sweet corn and peas, Watermelon
      HS Hot: Calzone w sauce, Roasted butternut squash, Romaine mix, Strawberries
      HS Cold: Chicken parn sandwich, Roasted butternut squash, Romaine mix, Strawberries
      HS Pizza: Buffalo chicken pizza, green beans, carrot / celery sticks w dip, mangoes

      Thursday, April 19
      Elementary: Baked chicken nug-gets w roll, Honey glazed carrots, Baked beans, Strawberries
      HS Hot: Sloppy joe, Seasoned cauliflower, Red beet salad, Cookie, Mandarin oranges
      HS Cold: Cheese calzonettes, Seasoned cauliflower, Red beet salad, Cookie, Mandarin oranges
      HS Pizza: Cheese pizza, Seasoned cauliflower, Red beet salad, Cookie, Mandarin oranges

      Friday, April 20
      Elementary: Pancakes w sausage, Hash browns, Donut holes, Raisins
      HS Hot: Chicken and rice Asian bowl, Steamed veggies, Mixed fruit, Fortune cookie
      HS Cold: Fish sandwich, Steamed veggies, Mixed fruit, Fortune cookie
      HS Pizza: Four meat pizza, Steamed veggies, Mixed fruit, Fortune cookie