BCS Beat: Issue 8.13

Upcoming Events

Tomorrow, October 28: Dress Down Day (please bring at least $2 to support relief efforts in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew)
November 2: Middle School Leadership Conference
November 3: Middle School Retreat (rescheduled)
November 7 and 8: Parent Teacher Conferences
November 12: AXIS Come Together Event for families
November 20-22: High School Leadership Conference
November 21-22: Vision and Hearing Screenings by Exeter School District nurses
November 23: Grandparents Day


Coaching Needs for Basketball

Our basketball teams are still in need of some coaching help. We need a head coach for middle school girls, and an assistant coach for middle school boys. If you or someone you know would be interested in either of these positions, please contact Athletic Director, Mr Godsey (kgodsey@berkschristian.org) to let him know.

Event Details

AXIS Event for Families: Parents and Teens Connecting about Culture

Over the last few weeks, we have been previewing our family AXIS event, COME TOGETHER.  Come Together is comprised of six thirty-five minute sessions, and a lunch session, all designed to resource families and encourage them to tackle cultural issues through a biblical worldview. Axis presents content in a way that is relevant and thought-provoking, showing the timeless truths of Christianity in an ever changing world.

By navigating where our habits come from, how we derive ideas, and the effects of our community, families are encouraged to look at what is driving their life and how they can leave a legacy of hope to the next generation. This event will also be open to the public and space is limited.  Reserve your family's table today!  Register Here.

Want more info?  See it all on the event page.

Grandparents Day: November 23rd

Make sure your grandparents save the date! November 23rd, a half-day of school, is our annual Grandparents Day. We are looking forward to this event and have some great activities planned. We also have a need for families to sign up to bring along snacks for our morning social time with the grandparents. If you can help, please sign up here.

Grandparents will be receiving invitations in the mail from their grandkids, so if the grandparents in your family have moved, or if you're a new family to BCS this year, please email Miss Klase (rklase@berkschristian.org) with the appropriate addresses.

Middle School Retreat

Rescheduled due to today's rain, the Middle School Retreat will take place NEXT THURSDAY, November 3rd. Trevor Oates, youth pastor at Birdsboro Church of the Nazarene, will be speaking to students for the day. All sixth through eighth graders should bring a Bible, a pen, a packed lunch, and a snack to share. Dress is casual, but time will be spent outdoors so make sure to dress for the weather! Students will return to BCS to be picked up by parents at 9:00 pm.

Reminder: Parent / Teacher Conferences

You should have received direct communication from either the office or from your child's homeroom teacher stating your assigned date and time for your Parent / Teacher Conference. If you have any questions, or would like to request an alternate time, please contact Mrs Guy by calling the school office after 12:00 noon.

Community Event: Manufacturing Day

Reading Area Community College is hosting Manufacturing Day 2016 on November 10 at the Schmidt Training and Technology Center in an open house format from 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Following the open house, local company leaders will be available to talk to high school students about 21st Century manufacturing.

Manufacturing Day 2016 will provide first-person information about opportunities for students who are interested in robotics, programming, and fabrication. Students and parents will be able to tour the state-of-the-art advanced engineering laboratories in the Schmidt Training and Technology Center. High school students can begin course on a manufacturing pathways through one of RACC’s Technical Academies at both Career and Technology Centers or through a STEM-rich, dual enrollment pathway such as Project Lead the Way. Rather than factory jobs of the 1970s, advanced manufacturing careers require ingenuity and intellect in this new century of technology. There is no need to register for this event.

News and Updates

Tech & Locker Fines

In order to keep our BCS Chromebooks/iPads and student personal possessions secure, we track proper usage of our check in / check out procedures for Mobile Tech, as well as properly locked hallway lockers. Improper use of devices during study hall or class (streaming music/video, games, etc) is also included in this procedure.

Here are a couple of quick reminders on how this system works:
  - Students get a clean slate at the start of each quarter.
  - Students get two freebies, after which, each violation results in a 25 cent fine.
  - Fines are billed weekly to Renweb.
List of Violations:
  - Missed Check In (did not properly check-in Mobile Tech)
  - Wrong ID (did not use correct student ID for checking in Mobile Tech)
  - Left Device (did not return Mobile Tech to Labrary closet)
  - Improper Shelving of Chromebook or iPad
  - Misuse (Mobile Tech used to play games, stream content, off-track usage, etc)
  - Locker Not Locked (including double infraction for not having lock on locker)

Quarter One Honor Roll

Principal's Honor Roll
Adie F, grade 1
Tobi P, grade 1
Urijah S, grade 1
Joab C, grade 1
Ben M, grade 1
Anita G, grade 1
Tolu P, grade 2
Aleena C, grade 2
Matthew B, grade 2
Brielle W, grade 2
Elijah F, grade 2
Kyla L, grade 2
Mason R, grade 2
Rosalee G, grade 3
Dominic C, grade 3
Josh P, grade 4
Gavin B, grade 4
Jeyliah C, grade 5
Nate L, grade 5
Brock T, grade 6
Ethan F, grade 6
Alicia F, grade 9
Trent M. grade 12

High Honor Roll
Israel F, grade 1
Noah M, grade 1
Anthony P, grade 1
Joel M, grade 2
Ruby B, grade 2
Isaias C, grade 2
Max U, grade 2
Leilani M, grade 3
Julian C, grade 4
Jillian F, grade 5
Michael P, grade 6
Lianette P, grade 6
Tristian R, grade 6
Seth M, grade 6
Luke W, grade 6
Brayden H, grade 7
Ethan M, grade 7
James P, grade 7
Kristin K, grade 8
Savannah M, grade 8
Shiloh T, grade 9
Marian N, grade 9
Ally M, grade 9
Yonelyn A, grade 9
Kara L, grade 10
Andrew K, grade 11
Ashlee S, grade 11
Landon H, grade 11
Jacob W, grade 12
Matthew F, grade 12
Ian P, grade 12

Honor Roll
Ben K, grade 1
DaMaury L, grade 1
Leilani B, grade 1
Emily B, grade 1
Malachi B, grade 4
Bryanna W, grade 5
Shaylee D, grade 5
Amelia S, grade 5
Liz R, grade 6
Ellijah G, grade 6
Kaela B, grade 6
Emmanuel N, grade 6
Elizabeth P, grade 6
Kendra R, grade 6
Emma B, grade 6
Jalissa H, grade 6
Kiara C, grade 7
Grant S, grade 7
Saniya O, grade 7
Josiah F, grade 7
Taylor B, grade 7
Nick V, grade 7
Josh L, grade 8
Sydney B, grade 8
Lylia M, grade 8
Johnny G, grade 8
Tori J, grade 9
Junior N, grade 9
Ariana D, grade 9
Alexis D, grade 9
Amber D, grade 9
Thomas S, grade 9
Esther W, grade 10
Holly F, grade 11
Tasche B, grade 11
Nicole W, grade 12
Carli B, grade 12

Jump In and Join Us

Open Your Home for Ten Weeks?

From January 6th through March 15th, five students from Asia will be attending Berks Christian School for a short-term cross-cultural experience. Five host families are needed for this program and host families will earn a stipend of $1,000. If you can open your home to a student this winter, please contact Rebekah Klase by emailing rklase@berkschristian.org.

Around Campus

Lunch Menu for the Coming Week

November Menu was attached to your BCS Beat email this week, and a copy was also sent home with each student.

Friday, 10/28
Elementary Meal: Pancakes with sausage, hash browns, raisins
High School Meal: Mini corn dogs, baked beans, sweet potato tots, strawberries

Monday, 10/31
Elementary Meal: Chicken patty on roll, hummus w carrots and celery, peach slices
High School Meal: Meatball sandwich, steamed cauliflower, carrot sticks w dip, peaches

Tuesday, 11/1
Elementary Meal: Hot dog on bun, curly fries, baked beans, watermelon
High School Meal: Pierogies w sausage, steamed snap peas, mandarin oranges

Wednesday, 11/2
Elementary Meal: Fish sticks w roll, pasta salad, carrots, cinnamon spiced apples
High School Meal: Meat sauce over pasta, breadstick, roasted zucchini, romaine salad, pears

Thursday, 11/3
Elementary Meal: Mini pierogies, spinach salad, mixed veggies, fruit cocktail
High School Meal: Fish sliders, sweet potato waffle fries, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, apples

Featured Library Book

Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson, tells the story of a man who blended the arts with science to forge an industry that values beauty as much as it values functionality. Jobs looked to the example of his father to develop a perfectionism that gave as much attention to the inside of a product that no one ever sees as to the outside that is on display. This biography is inspiring and interesting, a read worth its nearly 700 pages. It's available now in the BCS Library. Check it out!

Preschool and Kindergarten Enjoy the Orchard

Preschool and Kindergarten had their first field trip together this week to Grim's Orchard.  It was fun riding the bus and meeting new friends.  The students enjoyed a hayride together and learned how important bees are for apple trees.  Special thanks to all the parent volunteers!