I have a dream...

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I have discovered that I am a person who gets excited about ideas. There is something incredibly life-giving and energizing to me about being able to sit down and dream, letting ideas flow about any given topic. Or even about no particular topic - just a free-flowing stream of ideas! I find that prayer ends up being intertwined with this type of brainstorming, as I quickly realize that my ideas will not get very far apart from the power and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Today, I am sharing a few of my dreams and ideas for BCS, asking you to join me in bringing them before the Lord and praying again, “Your will be done”. I would also invite you, if you have a few moments, to allow yourself to dream a little about BCS. Do you have any dreams or ideas? How would you love to see God move at BCS this year, or beyond?

Things I am dreaming about…
… REVIVAL - from students to parents to families to teachers to board members to everyone connected with the school. When it comes to dreaming about the growth of BCS, the work of the Spirit is the beginning, middle and end. As Jesus says in John 15, “apart from Me you can do nothing”.

… financial provision - that our “Hallways of Hope” scholarship program would grow and become well-established, that the vision for it would be realized. This program provides an opportunity for those who have been richly blessed financially to sponsor students who do not have the ability to come to BCS on their own.

… growth of our school community - students/alumni/parents/teachers/friends getting plugged in using their gifts and passions, growing as the Body of Christ. There are so many possibilities within this idea. Musicians, runners, athletes, artists, dancers, carpenters, gardeners, cooks… imagine if everyone truly used these abilities to contribute to the good of others. What a vibrant, life-giving community BCS would be!

… looking beyond ourselves - the world is so much bigger than us. How can we grow in expanding our view of the world as parents/teachers/adults and also challenge our students to see beyond themselves? Expose them to new cultures, take them to new places, or bring new cultures and places to them?

Soli Deo Gloria
To God alone be the glory

~ Carrie Warner, BCS Prayer Team Coordinator