Our Vision Statement

The Athletic Program at Berks Christian School exists to develop physical skills and promote spiritual growth.

Participating on an athletic team helps students learn how to excel in a team setting, balance a busy schedule, and compete with integrity.

Sports Offered

Women's Athletics

  • Volleyball (August - October)
    host own tournament, end of season trip to Penn State

  • Basketball (November- February)

  • Track and Field (March - May)
    opportunity to participate in public and private school meets

Men's Athletics:

  • Soccer (August-October)

  • Basketball (November-February)
    several tournaments in December

  • Track and Field (March-May)
    opportunity to participate in public and private school meets

Recent BCS Alumni playing collegiate sports

  • 2018- Tate Moll, Lancaster Bible College (Basketball)

  • 2015- Kacey Keylor, Penn State Berks (Volleyball)

  • 2011- Alysha Endy, Lancaster Bible College (Volleyball)

  • 2011- Daniel Klase, Liberty University (Track)

  • 2011- Steph Persad, Summit University (Volleyball)

  • 2011- Emily Timberlake, Lancaster Bible College (Volleyball)

  • 2010- Cody Albright, Liberty University (Baseball)

  • 2010- Kody Godsey, Lancaster Bible College (Baseball)

  • 2009- Patrick Hart, Lancaster Bible College (Baseball)

  • 2009- Lauren Heliger, Lancaster Bible College (Volleyball & Basketball)

  • 2007- Rachel Klase, Lancaster Bible College (Volleyball)

BCS is a member of the Commonwealth Christian Athletic Conference (CCAC) and the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA).