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Hello, friend of Berks Christian School.

 Emily Robinson with her Leadership Legacy Group

Emily Robinson with her Leadership Legacy Group

My name is Emily and I am a junior at Berks Christian School. This year has been significant: I have been learning how to prepare for college while helping younger students prepare for the next phase of their lives. Being around elementary students more due to Leadership Legacy Groups has allowed me to have little friends who are excited to see me every week and observe what it looks like to be growing up. Not only do they have an older friend to hang out with and look up to, they also have a mentor who they can get advice from and learn from. Younger kids are being impacted by our behavior, preparing them for the wonders, joys, and potential stress of teenhood. Having Leadership Legacy Groups has also influenced me, reminding me of the simplicity of children and revealing my underlying maternal instinct.

Another experience that has impacted my junior year so far was my involvement in the musical production. I was not excited for it at first. To be completely honest, I wasn’t excited until perhaps two months into rehearsals. However, God was clearly doing some behind the scenes work, per usual, and I just didn’t realize. Then, I did. As the musical put stress on my schoolwork and comfort zone, I was actually opened up to new experiences, time management, and teamwork. The directors, three members of our faculty, put in a lot of effort with me despite the fact that it didn’t pay off right away. However, I am glad that I did it and it grew me in ways I did not expect. Despite the first few rocky moments, it eventually became super fun, especially due to other students who were encouraging and supportive.


Along with the arts in BCS, the education has been beneficial for me regarding my future. Currently, I have the privilege to be enrolled in an online Biology course run by Liberty University. Since I am planning on Majoring in Bio during college, this course allowed me to get a glimpse of what that may entail and furthered my desire to pursue that subject. It is an independent study, so I work on the course without a teacher present at our school, but I am able to get help from our principal or science teacher if needed. The course also improved my ability to manage academics well. I have been learning to balance my classes and I became a member in the National Honors Society.  


BCS has been improving my ability to learn in multiple levels of perception. In the past two years I have grown in my intellectual, emotional, and creative capacity. The resources at BCS are improving in order to benefit these levels of growth, and we are progressing to provide to the younger generations even better education than my own. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter!


Emily Robinson

 Rebekah Klase, Assistant Administrator

Rebekah Klase,
Assistant Administrator

Recently a parent asked me if I was ready for this school year to end. My response? “No, because it has been wonderful to watch our upperclassmen embrace leadership roles and I am not ready for that to be over.” I try to tell my students as often as possible that every day my goal is for them to be part of a better BCS than when I graduated in 2006. My prayer is that in being part of our community, they will receive a sound education, grow spiritually, and develop friendships that are meaningful.


The class of 2018 was in Kindergarten when I was at senior at BCS, and it has been pure joy to watch them grow into my leaders of the school this year. One of the upperclassmen who has far exceeded my expectations is Emily, who I have only known since last year. I hope that as you read her letter you got a small glimpse of just how much she is using the gifts God has given her, and I am so thankful I have gotten a first row seat to watch her grow. Emily was one of my event planning interns this year and one of my mentees through our Cultivate mentorship program. Through both of those avenues I have been assured that God continues to bring families and students to BCS that are going to teach me as much about life as I teach them.


Would you consider giving to our Annual Fund to help us reach our goal of $15,000? Any size gift affords myself and the rest of our staff the opportunity to continue to pour into Emily and the rest of our student body for the 2018-2019 school year. I thank you in advance for partnership with me in my life goal of giving my students every opportunity possible to achieve everything God has planned for them in life!

Scholarship Funds

 2018 National Honor Society Induction

2018 National Honor Society Induction

Berks Christian School has been able to give out thousands of dollars to deserving families each year in financial aid. Unfortunately, even with so much aid distributed, we have additional requests from families who cannot afford to come to our school without aid.

Donors are needed in three categories:

1. Endowment Donor of $5,000 or more to be put toward a principle amount. The interest from this amount would provide the funds for the scholarship.
2. Annual Donor of $500, $1,000, or $2,500 to be received by July 1st of each year.
3. One-Time Donor of any amount.

To make a donation, please contact Beth Bromwell, Director of Development, by calling the school office at 610-582-1000 or emailing

Jim Welsh Memorial Fund

The Jim Welsh Memorial Fund focuses on helping families with two or more students attending BCS. Jim faithfully sent all five of his children to BCS for their educations and later served as our Elementary Supervisor for two years.

Carolyn Sharp Fund

The Carolyn Sharp Fund provides funding for secondary students who excel academically with a GPA of 3.2 or above. Carolyn taught math at BCS for 23 years, doing a tremendous job of guiding students toward excellence in academics.

Sandy Sileo Memorial Fund

The Sandy Sileo Memorial Fund offers scholarships to any elementary student. Sandy started teaching 3rd grade at BCS in 1990 and spent thirteen years in the classroom before spending a few years in administration. She was much loved by her classes for her caring attitude toward her students.

Harold J. Adams Jr. Memorial Fund

The Harold J. Adams Jr. Memorial Fund is used to benefit deserving students who are in need of financial assistance and wish to attend BCS. Harold demonstrated an ability to succeed and support his family in spite of a limited 6th grade education. Harold was later impacted by the fact that his grandson was given more opportunities due to the education he received at Berks Christian School.